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100% efficient

New in the UK, for exclusive sale.
Artisanally-made CAUET® mole traps offer robust design and flawless quality.

This mole trap is quick to set and does not require any specific knowledge. For greater efficiency, set the trap in the most recent molehill.
Setting the trap is child's play to everyone.
Click here to watch the 2 tutorial videos from the 'Users Guide' section

A set of two traps will guaranty 100% success rate.

£ 24.00 / per set of two

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Get rid of your mole problems thanks to CAUET® mole traps!

We have produced two tutorial videos for easier use and setting of the mole traps.
One to understand how to prepare the mole trap.
The second one to show how to lay and set the mole trap in the tunnel.
Test it two or three times outside the tunnel and simply set it where you need.
If weather conditions do not allow you to identify the most recent molehill, here is a simple technique: rake all molehills and the next day, set your traps in the new molehills that just formed.
It couldn't be more simple and it does not require any specific knowledge!
Setting the traps will only take a few minutes.
This trap is user-safe and totally harmless for other animals and children.
The easy-to-use CAUET® mole trap is suitable to each and everyone.
You no longer need to dig to check your traps, the CAUET® mole trap is visible above ground.
Maintenance-free and very ecological.
For exclusive sale in the UK, CAUET® mole traps are becoming the preferred choice of professionals and occasional users.

If you cannot stand seeing your garden ruined by moles and their mounds, do not hesitate and use my CAUET® mole traps.

CAUET® mole traps are sold exclusively on and nowhere else.

Beware of traps that may look similar to CAUET® mole traps.
CAUET mole traps eliminate moles as humanly as possible by killing them extremely quickly. It is impossible for moles to suffer and get mutilated as it may happen with other traps.

(Moles are useful animals in nature so please only get rid of those that cause damage to your lawn or vegetable garden.)

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