Mole Trap

Frequently Asked Questions

1) I can only find one tunnel.
It's normal because the mole didn't go farther or hasn't had time to dig more tunnels (very recent molehill).

2) My tunnel isn't horizontal as in the video.
You need to dig an exit tunnel, the main tunnel is deeper.

3) What do I do if the exit tunnel is deep?
No problem, you can still lay your trap in it -without pluging the hole- to force the mole to climb up.

4) My trap was set off with only soil in it.
     a) The trap was not properly laid, it was set before being inserted into the tunnel.
     b) The mole pushed some very sticky soil into the trigger.
     c) The mole pushed a rock into the trap.
     d) It's not a mole, it might be a vole.

5) My trap doesn't set off.
Move it to another molehill.

6) There are no molehills in my garden, only tunnels.
Simply lay the traps directly into the tunnel, it also works very well (one oriented to the left, the other one to the right).

7) Do I need to wear gloves to lay the trap?
No, as long as you handle the trap from the setting rod side and do not touch the clamp side where the mole gets caught.

8) Does it require any particular maintenance?
No, except for cleaning off the soil once you've caught your moles.

9) I have a cat: is there any risk that it gets harmed?
My traps are harmless for pets and people, the clamping part is buried while the upper part spreads apart and cannot hurt anyone.

10) I have a dog, what should I do?
The most simple solution is to place a bucket or a crate to cover the trap with a heavy stone on top so that the dog cannot dig the trap out.

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