Mole Trap

Laying and setting the mole trap

Setting the mole trap - PDF

1) Select the most recent molehill (mound)
2) Clear away soil
3) Look for the evacuation hole
4) Clear the hole
5) Check arrival direction of the tunnel
6) Remove soil from the tunnel over 15/20 cm and slightly enlarge the tunnel to trap height
7) Repeat the same process to lay the second trap in the other tunnel 15/20 cm apart


1) Hold the trap's 2 rods (in a V shape) in front of you with the tip of the trap oriented toward the tunnel, close the trap very slightly (to reduce the diametre of the clamp).
2) Insert the trap into the tunnel.
3) Close the trap completely by inserting the upper trigger (right hand side) through the front side of the loop on your left hand side.
4) Hold the upper part of the trap.
5) Grab the lower trigger using your other hand.
6) Move the trigger from right to left to make sure nothing obstructs it (rock or soil).
7) Align the 2 triggers opposite one another.
8) Hold the trap in a slightly raised position and do not hesitate to shim it if needed.
9) Slightly cover the surface of the hole with grass for example but make sure nothing falls into the tunnel and do not plug the hole.


1) If your traps are properly set in a recent molehill, the mole will be back within 12 hours.
2) The mole will then push the soil in front of it without triggering the trap (the trap does not set off from the front) as the soil will pass on each side of the trigger.
3) Once the mole is at trigger level, it will push the trigger to the right or to the left with its forelimbs.
4) At that moment, the clamp of the trap will close down just behind the head of the mole and kill it instantly in just a few seconds.

All you need to do is check that your trap was set off and appreciate the fact that the mole in your garden will no longer be a nuisance.

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